Global Teacher Prize 2020


Opportunity Details

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Opportunity Description

Once again, the Global Teacher prize brings a unique opportunity for the teacher to participate from around the globe and win the competition. This competition aims to make the roles of the educators bolder, celebrated and recognized. It tries to remind the world to acknowledge the impacts these teachers have on society by celebrating them. The programs seek to find out the best teachers who are just best to their students but to the whole community.

Important Details:

  • Click here to know based on what criteria besides the eligibility they are going to judge.
  • Click here to know-how is the prized going to be judged.
  • Click here to know who the judges are.


  • Being recognized by the world even if the applicant doesn’t take the first position.
  • The winner of the competition takes One Million US dollars and this prize is given each year to an exceptional teacher whose contributions are outstanding and marvelous.


  • Teachers that teach in a compulsory schooling system OR
  • Their students are between 5 – 18 years old.
  • Teachers who teach 4+ years old students in a government recognized curriculum
  • Teachers who are working on a part-time system
  • Teachers of online courses
  • From any country, with any local laws and school
  • They MUST have at least spent 10 hours per week teaching the children
  • They MUST have the plans and intentions to remain in this profession for the next 5 years.

How to apply:

Deadline:         22nd September 2019

To start your application, please click here.

For more information and details, please click here.

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