2019 Global Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs


Opportunity Details

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Opportunity Description

Calling for Young Social Entrepreneurs! The 2019 Yunus&Youth Fellowship Program applications are now open! Deadline: February 18th

Yunus &Youth ecosystem invite social entrepreneurs from different countries to work on innovative solutions on the SDGS and leverage their skills and experience in social business and receive 6 month fellowship program.

Date of applying: 18th February 2019, 11:59 EST

Number of fellowship: 34

Class duration: This program is for 6 months

Location: Online

  • Class period: start in march 2019
  • you need to be present 5 hours Per week depending on your business activity



  • One on One mentorship:
  • Online learning platform to receive a 6 month course in social business development.
  • A global Network
  • Mentorship to develop your social business throughout the 6 month program
  • Expert webinar in different topics including social enterprise, business fundamentals, digital marketing, finance, learn start-up principals and many more
  • Accessibility to right resources
  • Global recognition as social entrepreneur destined to make a long-lasting impact
  • Connection and communication with world’s top social impact organizations, international institutions, incubators and investors.
  • Opportunity to get professional support

Requirements and conditions

  • You should have started your new business.
  • Your age should be under 35 years
  • Have a good English skill
  • Be able to use the internet connection
  • Be interested in 5 hour exercises per week
  • You can apply from any country there is no limitation
  • The focus of the lecture will be on your business plan and your social goal
  • You need to sign an agreement to be trustworthy, flexible, and honest and if you cannot communicate proactively to find alternative, you will be removed from the program.
  • If your partner keen to participate, just need to contact communication department.


  • Education degree
  • Essays -Write about your business experience (maximum 300 word)
  • A brief biography about yourself (maximum 400 word)
  • Photo


Please answer the questions below:

  1. Who is your financial supporter and for whom you helping? (Maximum 300 word)
  2. Who are your paying customers? (Maximum 300 word)
  3. How do you plan to acquire more customers? (Maximum 300 word)
  4. How many customers have paid for your product/service in the past 12 months? (Maximum 100 word)
  5. Who are your competitors and how are you different from them? Please include your competitors’ websites (Maximum 500 word)
  6. What kind of evidence do you have that your solution works/will work? (Maximum 300 word)
  7. What are the most important measures/indicators of your success? (Maximum 300 word)
  8. What are your main expenses? (Maximum 300 word)
  9. What is your revenue model? How does your social business make money? (Maximum 300 word)


How to apply?

Apply Online and fill the online application form including responding to the questions mentioned in the application form.


Apply Now

Please visit the official website of Yunus and Youth Global fellowship

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