Girl Up’s “By Girls, For Girls” Movement for Teen Advisors


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Opportunity Description

Application opening date: January 31, 2020              Application closing date: February 29, 2020 (11:59 pm EST)

Background Information:

Who Are Girl Up Teen Advisors?

The Teen Advisor program manifests Girl Up’s fundamental value of being girl-led and girl-driven. Teen advisors consist of a widely diverse group of teenage girls who are strategic and passionate change-makers in their communities, spreading and enhancing Girl Up’s work together. Teen Advisors are key to all decision making of the program by advising on strategy and serving as leading voices in support of global gender equality.

The first teen Advisor class commenced in 2010, and since then, over 150 girls have transformed their leadership skills through this global program.

Opportunities/Benefits Available Teen Advisor:

  • Advising Girl Up on organizational strategy
  • Getting an insider’s view into Girl Up through ongoing communication with staff and personal relationships;
  • Receiving intensive skills-based training, specialized development opportunities, hands-on learnings;
  • Getting access to a global network of like-minded individuals;
  • Meeting experts in many fields, including United Nations speakers; and
  • Receiving opportunity and financial support to attend special gatherings and conferences;

Eligibility Requirements:

Application is open to all girls from around the world meeting these criteria:

  • Must be entering the U.S. equivalent of 9th to 12th grades
  • Enjoy a deal of maturity, cultural sensitivity, and openness to cultural diversity and exchange
  • Commit to women and girls’ empowerment
  • Have powerful leadership skills and an unquestioning desire for becoming a globally-minded citizen by sound debate, learning, and action in their society and school
  • Have an understanding of and interest in Girl Up’s mission and vision for gender equality globally
  • Be able to complete all the program’s responsibilities as listed below

Attendants’ Responsibilities include:

  • Attending and actively participating in and preparing for monthly calls/webinars (set for the second Sunday of every month)
  • Attending required in-person meetings (one during the annual Girl Up Leadership Summit in Washington D.C. that will be held at (July 5-10, 2020), November 2020, and March 2021.
  • Starting and/or leading a Girl Up Club in your school or community
  • Regularly contributing to the Girl Up Community, an online hub for Girl Up Clubs and Campuses
  • Representing Girl Up in the media and at events in their communities

Application process

Each January, Girl UP announces its first round of application for those self-recognized girls ready and willing to bring change to the world. It chooses qualified girls from around the globe and invites them to an interview for the second round. The Girl Up’s applicants are notified of first-round decisions by March, and finally, the program informs the new class of selected Teen Advisor in April. The one-year program practically starts in June 2020.

The 2020-21 Girl Up Teen Advisor application comprises an online form with some essay questions, video submission, and a recommendation letter. Only early and complete applications are considered.

Essay questions:

  1. Please elaborate on your involvement with Girl Up. No previous commitment to Girl Up is required for the application. If no commitment, please put N/A. (max 100 words)
  2. Being a Girl Up Teen Advisor requires a tremendous time devotion, but we also value well-qualified applicants and your full contribution to Girl Up. If you have any commitment/event/activities etc. in your schedule for (June 1, 2020 –May 30, 2021) timeframe taking your time, please list them. (max 75 words)
  3. In case you could choose the next spokesperson for the program, who would it be and why? Check our website for current Champions and select someone who is not already part of our movement. (max 75 words)
  4. Think of your personal character. What would be your mission statement? (max 50 words)
  5. Fill in this sentence: In my high school’s yearbook, I was voted most likely to or future. (50 words max
  6. Describe the community you grew up and raised in and how it impacted you, your upbringing, values, and experiences. What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome? Girl Up is committed to diversity and inclusiveness in all forms and regards all our supporters’ complex and differing identities. (250 words max)
  7. What is one social justice issue that you’re thinking about? How would you address it (of course with the help of others) and benefit your school, community or world? Think of an activity or initiative you can plan out and list your goals and the steps you would take to put it in practice. (250 words max)
  8. Video: In a one-minute video, please record yourself answering the following sentence: I’m excited to be a Teen Advisor because I want to ______ (insert an issue you’re keen about). Some examples include: fight climate change, advocate for girls’ education, etc.

Apply now

For more details, please visit the GirlUp Teen Advisors website.

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