Free Workshop on Professional Accounting FA1 at GPDI


Opportunity Details

  • Opportunity ID 2496

Opportunity Description

Gawharshad Professional Development Institute (GPDI) of Gawharshad University has announced that they organize a free workshop in GPDI.


Program: Workshop

Subject: Professional accounting FA1

Duration: 3 months

Time: 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Teaching hours: 2 hours

Deadline to apply: 25 sawr, 1397 (Tuesday, May 15th 2018)


  •  free training for three months
  • awarding certificate


This workshop is held for the training of Professional Accounting FA1. There is no cost for the participation to this workshop except registration fee that may be included.

This program is designed for 3 months for 2 hours a day.

How to apply

Applicants can apply directly via contacting the Gawharshad Professional Development Institute of Gawharshad University.

Address: Darul aman road, next to Kabul Dubai wedding hall, Gawharshad Institute of higher education, B building, Room number 18

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