Free Online Course on Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

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Harvard University Free Online Course on Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

Course description

This business and management course of Harvard University takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and tackling complicated social problems. Here, you will learn about previous attempts to address these problems, identify windows of opportunity for smart entrepreneurial efforts, and recommend and develop your own creative solutions.

This course focuses on individual agency—what can you do to address a defined problem? While we will use the lens of health to uncover entrepreneurial opportunities, you will learn how both problems and solutions are unavoidable of a multi-disciplinary essence, and we will proceed considering a range of sectors and fields of study. By taking this course, you will explore how entrepreneurship and innovation can solve complex social problems in emerging economies.

Quick details of This entrepreneurship course:

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Business Development

Institution: Harvard (delivered on edX platform)

Subject: Business & Management

Course language: English

Learning mode: Self-paced

Level: Introductory

Price: Free (but paid certificate)

Duration: 6 Weeks (3-5 hours/week time commitment)

Deadline: Open from April 21, 2020- October 23, 2020

Course content

The course then looks at issues relating to financing, expanding operations, branding, the management of property rights, and the creation of appropriate metrics for weighing progress and social value, in the fast-growing but institutionally compromised context of emerging markets.

The settings are varied, sectoral (healthcare, e-commerce, fintech, infrastructure) and geographic (India and South Asia, China, Africa, Latin America). But the stress is less on wide-ranging coverage than on developing a way of thinking with a bias-to-action.

Learning objectives

 You’ll get:

  • An awareness of the grounds for entrepreneurship in fast-growing evolving markets
  • A grasp of a conceptual framework for assessing such opportunities
  • An appreciation of the types of problems requiring entrepreneurial solutions to be coped with

Course benefits

You will receive a certificate which is:

  • Official, verified and instructor-signed highlighting your skills and increasing your job prospect (for $125 if you are willing to)
  • Easily shareable_ you can share its certificate elsewhere
  • Proven motivator_ give yourself an extra incentive to complete this and online courses alike

How to apply?

Interested applicants wishing to boost their knowledge of entrepreneurship in an emerging economy may apply for this course very easily and get the course started just by completing an ‘enrolment’ /apply below.


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