Innovation Impact Project Grant at Expo2020 Dubai


Opportunity Details

  • Opportunity ID 4799

Opportunity Description

EXPO 2020 in Dubai

You can join from anywhere from any country,


If  you want to share a global challenge with an innovative solution , with nations, organizations and with your coach, or if you want to make a network with them and attract their supports, you can apply to EXPO 2020 program and get a precious funding of up-to 100000 USD.

Expo live Innovation Impact Grant program plan to support the portability of ghosting, connecting minds, creating the future which focus on developing and less developing of markets knowledge exchange and co-creature.

The main objective of the program:

The Expo live aimed to connect the people around the world and helps them to solve the real problems of the world.

Supporting area :

Researching, developing, creating communication application and business support.

The event focused on:

  • Opportunity: through opportunity the expo will unlock the potential within individuals and communities to shape a better future by delivering an innovation in :
    • Education
    • Employment
    • New industries
    • Financial capital
    • Governance
  • Mobility
  • sustainability .

Who can apply?:

Government and Non-government organizations, university student


up to 100000 USD for innovative solutions to social enterprises,  startups and grassroots projects.

Deadline :

December 2, 2018

Application process

You can apply online for funding and support before the deadline.

Apply Now

For more information please visit the official link of EXP2020

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