Eureka’s Business Model Competition (India)


Opportunity Details

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Opportunity Description

EUREKA is established to foster entrepreneurship and creativity in the business world by supporting and helping new companies that has great potential. Therefore, in their Business Model Competition, the organization invites newly established companies (for profit and for profit social) to get the chance to compete and get cash prizes and other benefits.

Therefore, the competition is in two sections:

  1. Business track: This is the trademark of Eureka and its purpose to help idea that have business potential to revolutionize the world.
  2. Social Track: this one encourages the ideas that try to earn profit but also wants to tackle a social issue

Important details:

  • Deadlines:                         September 24, 2019
  • Location(s):                       India


  • Prize money:
    • Business Track:
      • INR 5,00,000 – Winner
      • INR 3,00,000 – Runner up
    • Social Track:
      • INR 2,00,000 – Winner
      • INR 1,00,000 – Runner Up
    • $ 15000 USD to all the finalists and semi-finalists
    • Mentorship for all semi-finalists
  • Media coverage (magazines, TV, Radio, social media, Newspapers and websites)
  • icreate (will be considered for final selection stage of ‘Nidhi Prayas Scheme’ with monetary support of 10 lakhs)
  • learn startups workshops
    • An intensive day long workshop – teaching entrepreneurship and other skills
    • Opportunity to earn INR 1 million Singapore dollars (INR 50 million)
  • Meet mentors and network (2 say extensive mentorship program)


  • Business Track and Social Track:
    • Must have been incorporated before 24th August 2017
    • No restrictions, anyone one from students to working professionals
    • If the venture have received funding from external sources, cannot apply
      • Eureka promotes the startups that require help in in shape of seed capital, mentorship and other types of consultancies.
    • Evidence for the above may asked at any time.
  • Social Track only:
    • The aim of the company should be to solve a critical problem that is social and/or environmental. (They should have the plan to do it in a transformational and innovative way.)
    • The practices and mission of the venture should focus on the quantifiable social return.
    • It should be for profit and financially viable. (no non-profit will be accepted)

How to apply:

Apply Now

If you have any queries, please go the main website and then scroll down to the end of page.

For more information, please go to the official website of Eureka.


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