University of California Free Online Course on Empathy Emotional Intelligence at Work

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Opportunity Details

  • Degree BacheloreMasterPH.D
  • Language Requirement Not Required
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Opportunity Description

If you want to learn skills to strengthen empathy and trust, improve collaboration and create a more productive, innovative, and satisfying experience at work,  enroll in Empathy Emotional Intelligence at Work course for free.


Duration: four weeks

Time commitment required: 4 hours/week

Cost: Free (you can get a verified- certificate for USD 199)

Institution: University of California, Berkely

Area: business and management

Level: introductory

Instruction language: English

It is recommended to enroll at the foundation of happiness at work course before or during this course.

You will learn:

  • Learning social and emotional skills that sustain a positive relationship at work environment
  • Learning skills related to empathy and emotional intelligence: you will learn how to identify and regulate your own feelings, tune it feeling of others and understand their perspectives and use these skills to guide us toward constructive social interactions.
  • Discovering the biological and psychological roots of Cooperation, empathy and trust
  • Understanding the procedure of emotional and social intelligence skills lead to creating happiness and productivity in the organization
  • Developing strategies to strengthen empathy and to provide a constructive solution to conflicts.
  • Learning how to lead with social intelligence


How to apply?

Apply using the following link

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