Duke University Free Online Course on ‘Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies’

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Overall introduction:

This is a four-series relevant course on Coursera on data-driven decision-makers from reputed universities.  This series is designed to help staff understand how the use of data can drive business decision-making. Particularly, why data is important, what answers could data give to questions, and how teams manage their data-driven decision-making?

About this course:

By taking this course, you will get familiar with best practices for how to drive the company’s better competitiveness and profitability by using data analytics. It will help you identify the most critical business metrics and differentiate them from pure data. Meanwhile, the course will give you a vivid picture of the key but various roles the business analysts, business data analysts, and data scientists play in different kinds of firms. Thus, it will polish your skills for high-demand jobs in these areas.

Eventually, you will be helped to score a checklist of a company on how it is boosting big data culture and use data analysis techniques to outperform traditional companies in the same field.

Part Four:


Course offered by: Coursera (Duke University, World Bank)

Topics: ICT Innovation and Transformation, Technology and Innovation

Language of delivery: English

Learning mode: series (online)

Duration: nearly 9 hours

Start time: at your own schedule (flexible deadline)

Contents in brief:

  • Describing the use of data analytics and business metrics in driving company profitability
  • Understanding the roles of business analysts, data analysts, and scientists in companies
  • Understanding the required skills in the area and being able to use it practically


  • Earning a certificate upon completion
  • 100% online _ it can be started quickly and taken at your own schedule
  • Flexible deadlines_ you can reset according to your schedule

Skills you will gain:

  • Data Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Process

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