Humanitarian Grand Challenge Opportunity in Canada


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Opportunity Description

Creating Hope in Conflict: a Humanitarian Grand Challenge is identifying and supporting groundbreaking solutions to engage private sectors to improve and some cases save the live of vulnerable people in effected communities.

Today, about 201 million people do not have access to humanitarian aid delivery due to armed conflict.  As we know the length, frequency and scope of the world’s conflicts increased day by day, and the same, people around the world are also faced with more live-challenges and insecurity and do not access to the humanitarian assistance, life-improving or life-saving. So the program is looking for the solutions and proposals to make technological innovation, to help the vulnerable, inaccessible communities.


the program is organized by The U.S. Agency for International Development, the UK Department for International Development, the Government of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with support from Grand Challenges Canada offering 11,250000 dollar for 30 winning projects.

The private sectors/organizations that meet the requirements and have a proposal for vulnerable communities/countries are highly encouraged to create their accounts submit the innovation solution and win the prize.




Deadline: 16 July 2019

Total prize: 11,250,000 Dollar

Prizes divided into the following two types:

  • 6,250,000 Dollar for 25 seed projects, each project will have received 250000 Dollar
  • 5000000 Dollar transition to scale projects for 5 projects, each project will have received 1000000 Dollar

Location: Canada

Duration: two years

Innovations area: Technology innovations for humanitarian

Available Languages:

Write your proposal in one of the languages below:

  • Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Swahili.

Supporting organizations:

  • US agency for international development
  • UK department for international development
  • The government of the Netherlands Ministry of foreign affairs
  • Grand challenges Canada



The fund focuses on projects providing solutions in the following area:

  • Safe water and Sanitation
  • Energy
  • Life-Saving Information
  • Health Products and Services


  • Applicants must write a proposal to address the mentioned topics
  • The proposal will be evaluated by the partner organizations

Note: for more information about the proposal and application guide click Here

 How to apply:

To apply, please fill the online application form.

Apply NOW

For further information about the program please visit the ICT works canada


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