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Opportunity Description

University of Bonn

Center for development Research (ZEF) located in Bonn, Germany. The program will provide high quality of education for young scientists, Bonn is home to the headquarters of several international organizations

Course focus:

The focus of the program is on international research and will be taught by ZEF’s senior researchers, guest professors and professors from other faculties at the university of Bonn, students will work under direct supervision by ZEF professor of be associated with ZEF.

Level of study: PhD

Place of statement: Campus Kleve

Instruction language: English

Duration: 3 semester of full time studies with two-month preparation course

Degree awarded: Master of Arts

Fields of study:

Social science, economics, agricultural economics, agriculture or natural science.

Who can apply:

  • Students with academic background of social science, economics and industrial engineering with an interest in sustainable development
  • Students must be from developing countries
  • Students must have an outstanding master’s degree
  • Students must be young university scientists
  • Have work experience in research with governmental or private sector
  • Have a good GPA during Master studies



  • Fill the online application form
  • Pdf form of all your documents
  • One-page motivation letter
  • ZEF application letter
  • DAAD application form
  • The brief of your Master’s thesis
  • Funding/scholarship application or award d
  • Curriculum vitae
  • All degree certificate
  • Graduate research statement
  • You must have a degree grad of 2.5 or higher or and ECTS grade of A or B
  • TOEFL minimum IBT 80, CBT 213, PBT 550
  • IELTS 6 or higher
  • Two years’ professional work experience

Closing date:

August 31, 2019

How to apply:

  • Register yourself at
  • Email all copy of your documents in pdf format directly to ZEF

Requirements for DAAD scholarship:

  • You must be form developing or newly industrialized country
  • After your graduation you must have at least two year professionals work experience
  • Your graduation time must not be more than 6 years
  • You must meet the MIDE admission requirements

The benefits of DAAD scholarship:

  • Living cots (17 months): 1200 Euro/ month
  • Study and research expenses
  • Traveling costs
  • Health insurance
  • Preparation courses for German Language (February/March).

Important documents for DAAD scholarship:

  • Fill the application form of DAAD scholarship and submit it with MIDE application form
  • Reference letter form from your previous university.
  • Recommendation letter from your employer.
  • Confirmation letter of your professional work experience of two years since your graduation time, this letter must contain all information of your employment (start and end date, position, responsibilities, accomplishments, a confirmation of study leave if granted).


  • 1). all letters must contain, letterhead, signature, official stamps, recent date.
  • 2). Your DAAD Application form, letter of motivation and CV submitted with the MIDE application form must be hand-signed.
  • School certificate.

Selection criteria for the DAAD scholarship:

  • You must work either for public or private organizations
  • You must Have a bachelor’s degree in a related subject
  • You must have completed an academic degree with mentioned degree
  • Have 2 years’ professional work experience.

DAAD application form


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