Bangladesh Scholarship for Afghanistan


Opportunity Details

  • Opportunity ID 4043

Opportunity Description

Bangladesh offers scholarship for Afghanistan in different level of study.

Fields of study:

          mechanical engineering

          Electrical and Electronic Engineering

          Computer Science and Engineering

The following fields are without scholarship:

          Civil engineering

          Software engineering

          Business Administration in Technology Management

Scholarship condition

          High school graduates of 2015-2017  (1394-1396) who have the point averages of above 70 %

          Student will be selected based on TOEFL/IELTS score, math, physics, chemistry and science subjects

Required documents:

          Educational documents (Shahadatnama)

          Scholarship application form

          Medical examination certificate

          Electronic passport

How to apply?

Those who are the candidates of group scholarship of 2016/2017 and their names are in list published by the ministry of higher education while they have not participated in India and Kazakhstan Scholarship, should contact the ministry of higher education of Afghanistan.

If the required candidates are completed from the list, who fulfill the above requirements can apply from August 6, 2018 up to August 11, 2018 via ministry of higher education of Afghanistan

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