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In order to professionalize and enhance the Afghan National Police work capability, following the series of police training programs abroad, the next round of six months training courses is scheduled to launch for 150 newly-joined female students at the Sivas Police Academy in Turkey.

Obviously, such opportunities not only improve the capacity and quality of the Afghan National Police, but also provide police services to our citizens in various security sectors, in particular the female population of the country.

The Ministry of Interior’s leadership is working to provide security services and different citizenship quality services to all citizens of the country. As the female doctor’s presence is important for the provision of health services for the female population, the presence of female police is critical to ensuring the safety and order and the enforcement of the law in society, especially for women.

Our dear sisters, would be able to get a job in a decent workplace by performing the decent duty of the police as well as they serve as means to preserve the honour, dignity and religious confidentiality of their countrymen. The leadership of the Ministry of the Interior praises the role of women in the police ranks and is working to improve this important by providing the best conditions and working environment.

Conditions for registration:

  • Gender: Female
  • Age Limit: 18 – 35
  • Academic qualification: Minimum 12th grade graduate (bachelor or higher is preferred)

It should be noted that the female graduates of the aforementioned courses can choose their favourite job in the province they live in, after completing their training courses and returning to their home country.

The presence of women in the police ranks means their strength and power! Therefore, in order to better utilize the above mentioned educational opportunities, interested applicants can submit their application, CV and educational documents to register for the entrance examination by 17th of Sawr, 1397 (7th May, 2018) to the following email address:

Email address: vacancy.moi@gmail.com

For more information you can contact the following number in official hours only: 0202200021

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