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Title: Amnesty International Youth Task Force

About the program:

Amnesty is aiming to become a bigger and more all-encompassing movement by designing a global strategy. The design process will be facilitated by the Global Strategy & Impact Programme (GSIP) at the International Secretariat and will continue until July 2020 which is Amnesty’s Global Assembly. A wide range of stakeholders including the Youth Task Force will help inform Amnesty International’s future direction. You can check our #NextStrategy blog for more details on the design process.

Youth Task force aims to refresh how Amnesty views the general theory of change and what approaches and tactics it must take to reach those changes. The Task Force which will be 15 youth leaders, will use previous design process feedbacks to present options and models to guide the long term influence strategy of Amnesty.

Youth Task Force members will participate in a 3-day workshop in London, United Kingdom from October 28-30, 2019.


Besides having the opportunity to connect and present your ideas, the GSIP will provide visa, travel and accommodation costs for 3 nights in London. In addition to those, for each workshop day, a per diem of £44 will be provided.

Important details:

  • To ensure full participation and comprehensiveness, there will be live interpretation up to 3 languages based on how the group will get composed.
  • Before the actual workshop, to guide all the elements of the process and to provide the participants with necessary materials, there will be 3 face to face and online meetings, each for five hours between July-October 2019. Also there might be other meetings between October 2019 and July 2020.
  • If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to email Dennis Bednar at (
  • Half of the participants will be selected from inside the Amnesty International movement and the other half from other organizations or social movements (in total 15 participants). The group will have diversity and participants will be selected from different regions, identities, and backgrounds.
  • Important Dates:
    • Deadline: July 4, 2019
    • Selection of Youth Task Force – July 19, 2019
    • Workshop Youth Task Force in London, United Kingdom – October 28-30, 2019


  • Age 18 – 24
  • From Amnesty International movement but also from external organizations and partners.
  • Two participants from within Amnesty’s existing Global Youth Collective will be selected.
  • Should have any shape of form of experience of campaigning for social change or human rights. This includes movements around advocacy, research, communication, partnership organizing and mobilization.
  • Besides having passion about social change, they should possess skills such as global thinking, creativity, and leadership.
    • The internal Amnesty applicants should share their activeness and exposure to other movements or organization that works for social change.
  • Be able to attend 3 preparatory meetings prior to the workshop itself.


How to apply:

To apply, please send your application package to the submission email below.

Note: Use your preferred language while sending your application package. However, if you are comfortable with using English, please do so.

Required documents:

  1. Either send a 2 minute (max) recorded video of yourself or one page cover letter
    • At first, introduce yourself, and then talk about your education and experience.
    • Then, explain your ideas on what Amnesty as an organization should be in 2035.
  2. Sending your CV is optional.
  3. Also send an endorsement letter from a (reputable) person or an organization who can recommend you on why you should be selected.
    • NOTE: Those who are already involved with Amnesty can be endorsed by Director of their relevant Amnesty office. Other involved international members can get it from Global Support Engagement Team.

Submission email:


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