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Title: Request for Quotation (RFQ) To Provide Technical Support to the four hackathon winning teams for the best solutions on Women Peace & Security (#code4peace)

UN Women has supported and will support all factors in society to support women, their voices, their experiences, and their expertise to bring dynamic and structural changes in society. UN Women is in work with all women’s civil organizations to bring positive changes. One of those programs that UN women are the initiator is in Communication Technology called hackathon (#code4peace) where different teams have gathered together, competing with each other and soon there will be four winning teams.

UN Women presents a unique opportunity for Procurement and Logistics companies to participate in an RFQ to support the winning teams. The UN women will receive RFQs from many participants and will choose the best one.  The winning company will ensure that the final four projects will be implemented successfully.


Deadline: 15-Aug-19

Please download the official notice spread by UN Women for full detail from here.


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