62 Top Free Online Lifestyle Courses (Free Certificates Available)

Course in Applied Science , in Art and Humanities , in Engineering , in Natural Science
  • Post Date : January 5, 2021
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Opportunity Details

  • Degree Non Degree Program/Certificate
  • Language Requirement Not Required
  • No. of Opportunity 62
  • Fields of study Life Sciences
  • Opportunity Type : Fully Funded
  • Duration Different
  • Gender MaleFemale
  • Language of Instruction English
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Opportunity Description


Scholarship for Afghanistan is offering 20,000 wide-ranging free online courses as a result of its partnership with Alison_ one of the world’s biggest online learning platforms and provider of free education to global learners_ to help learners upgrade their knowledge in a specific area or boost their career in the existence of abundant time as most studies are turning home-based. The courses are offered in multiple categories one of which is “Lifestyle Courses“.  Here you can find 62 lifestyle courses and read the details below to join.

A. Main Category: Lifestyle Courses 

Alison offers a wide variety of Lifestyle courses give you the opportunity to improve your personal status in an interactive, fun, and practical way. Furthermore, its Lifestyle courses span many areas of learning, from photography and music to arts and crafts and skilled trades which you can see below.

A.1. Food and Beverage

Course Topics:

  1. Food Safety Knowledge – Basic Level Requirements
  2. Food Safety Training – Safe Practices And Procedures

A.2. Arts and Crafts

  1. Adobe In Design CS6
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Print Production
  4. Graphic Design – Visual and Graphic Design

A.3. Music

Course Topics

  1. Music Theory: Instruments And Rhythm
  2. Music Theory: Melody And Harmony
  3. Soundtrack Composer Masterclass: Score Films And Video Games
  4. Music Theory: Musical Form
  5. Music Producer Masterclass: Making Electronic Music
  6. Introduction To Oscillation
  7. Fundamentals of Sound Equipment
  8. Introduction To Acoustics
  9. Wave Equation And Prorogation Of Sound

A.4. Literature

  1. An Introduction To The Gothic Novels
  2. Gothic Terror And Grotesque In The Gothic Novel
  3. Twentieth-Century Feminist Writing
  4. The Gothic Novel Parody
  5. Feminist Writing: Examining Women In Culture And Society
  6. Symbolism In The Gothic Novels
  7. Authors Of Feminist Writing In The Postmodern Era
  8. Analysis Of English Literature
  9. Aesop’s Fables – Moral Stories For Adults And Children

A.5. Skilled Trades

A.5.1 Plumbing

Course topics

  1. Understanding Drainage And Water Distribution Systems
  2. Introduction To Plumbing
  3. Introduction To Plumbing Pipes And Fixtures
  4. Introduction To Plumbing Tools And Drawings

A5.2. Electrical

Course topics

  1. Introduction To Basic Electrical Drawings And Test Equipment
  2. Introduction To The Electrical Trade
  3. Electrical Circuits Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis
  4. Introduction To Electrical Writing Systems
  5. Fundamental Of Basic Electrical Circuits
  6. Fundamentals Of Circuit Analysis
  7. Introduction To Basic Electronics
  8. Introduction To Digital Circuits
  9. Introduction To Diode Circuits
  10. Introduction To Sequential Circuits
  11. Introduction To Bode Plots And Rectifier Circuits
  12. Introduction To BJT Amplifiers And Operational Amplifiers
  13. Electrical Circuits Laplace Transforms
  14. Introduction To Network Theorems
  15. Electrical Circuits Analogous Systems

A.5.3 Carpentry

Course topics:

  1. Introduction To Carpentry
  2. Carpentry- Introduction To Construction Methods
  3. Carpentry – Introduction To Formwork And Joinery

A.5.4. Masonry

Course topics

  1. Introduction To Masonry Structures
  2. Introduction To Masonry
  3. Design Framework Of Masonry
  4. Masonry Materials And Properties
  5. Masonry Strength And Behavior

A.5.5. Photography

Course topics

  1. Introduction To Digital Photography
  2. Advanced Digital Photography
  3. Intermediate Digital Photography
  4. Beginner Digital Photography
  5. Photoshop Elements 15 For Beginners
  6. Image Restoration And Registration
  7. Fundamentals Of Digital Image Processing
  8. Transformation And Image Enhancement
  9. Interpolation Techniques And Image Transformation

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Interested learners can join any of the 61 courses by visiting the link below and completing online registration.

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