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  • Degree Non Degree Program/Certificate
  • Language Requirement Not Required
  • No. of Opportunity 28
  • Fields of study Marketing
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  • Language of Instruction English
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Scholarship for Afghanistan is offering 20,000 wide-ranging free online courses as a result of its partnership with Alison_ one of the world’s biggest online learning platforms and provider of free education to global learners_ to help learners boost their knowledge in a specific area or boost their career in the existence of abundant time as most studies are turning home-based. The courses are offered in multiple categories one of which is “Marketing Courses”.  Below you can find, read the details about and join 28 marketing courses.

A. General Category:  Marketing

Do you want to take your marketing CV and skills to a higher level? If so, these free Alison’s marketing courses, in various sub-categories, are designed for you.


The courses have these benefits: 

  • 100% online
  • Self-paced, uniquely designed, and easy to join
  • Free of cost
  • Obtaining free and credible certificates
  • Taught by world-class instructors and experts

A.1 Social Media Marketing

Course Topics

  1. The Complete Social Media Marketing Course
  2. Marketing Through the Internet And Social Media
  3. Fundamentals of Service Marketing
  4. Global Marketing Research and Strategies
  5. Planning, Organization, and Control of Marketing Operations
  6. Introduction to Globalization

A.2 Marketing Management

Course Topics

  1. Growth Strategies for Business
  2. Marketing Management – Analyzing Competitors and Customers
  3. Introduction to Marketing Management
  4. Introduction to Global Pricing And Sales Management
  5. Marketing Management- The Marketing Research Process
  6. Marketing Management- Capturing Marketing Insights
  7. YouTube Marketing And YouTube SEO Fundamentals

A.3 Digital Marketing

Course Topics

  1. Copywriting for Conversions- How to Write Persuasive Content
  2. YouTube Marketing: The Five Essential Steps
  3. Sell On Amazon FBA by Leveraging Existing Popular Listings: Start Small and Scale Up
  4. Hidden Secrets of Sales and Marketing – Part One
  5. Hidden Secrets of Sales and Marketing – Part Two
  6. Hidden Secrets of Sales and Marketing – Part Three
  7. The Complete Online Marketing and Advertising Course
  8. Introduction to Advertising
  9. Build WordPress Sites That Attract Free Traffic
  10. Facebook Advertising for Beginners
  11. Hidden Secrets of Sales and Marketing – Part Four
  12. How to Get More YouTube Views and Subscribers

A.4 Public Relations

Course topics

  1. Introduction to public relations
  2. Public relations: best practices and ethics
  3. Public relations: optimize systems theory and stakeholder management practices

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How to Apply for these courses?

Interested learners can enroll for any of the above courses by visiting the link below and completing a separate online registration for each.

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Guide to receiving the certificate

After completing your desired courses, you may want to buy the certificate. Do not worry! We have made it easy for youth to demonstrate their hard-gained skills by providing free certificates. If you have finished your course and want to get the certificate, please fill this form and we will send you the code to get your free certificate. So, make up your mind now and do not wait more!

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